Creative Impex




Design development of garments based on specific tech packs, or inspirations and mood boards from highly talented designers.


Sourcing of fabrics and other materials in our in-house fabric department, from fabric markets in Delhi, or abroad (China).


Production of garments, from the raw material to the completed end product, passing all steps of the supply chain.


Different embroidery techniques are applied or created from the in-house embroidery team, comprising skilled artisans.


Logistics team oversees the supply chain to ensure a smooth process flow and on time delivery schedules.


Quality Assurance is checked on several steps throughout the whole production process to guarantee a high-quality product.


What defines us

Quality & Quantity

You can have your cake and eat it too!

We place value on the highest quality, be it our employees, the materials or facilities: We work with highly-skilled designers who are graduates from premier design institutions and our sourced fabrics are (among others) organic in nature, certified by accredited companies for polyester, cotton, and linen. We also have the capacity to produce a large quantity: 4 production facilities and 1100 employees can produce up to 400.000 high-quality pieces. Proving that you can have it both, quality & quantity.

Culture & Creativity

Our creative signature!

Producing a garment according to mood boards is simple, creating an extraordinary piece that channels a creative vision, is a difficult undertaking. India is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, whereby this diversity is reflected in it’s artistic sense & artisanal craftsmanship. In the process of creating each garment, we utilise this rich, creative energy: The traditional embroidery techniques, the colours, and the exotic silhouettes. Translating them into contemporary Western designs

Ethics & Efficiency

Corporate conscience!

We focus on fair working conditions, and in empowering our employees by conducting several inductions and programs: Health & Safety, Anti-sexual harassment, Management. Furthermore, all our production facilities are technically and socially compliant: SA8000, GSV, C-TPAT, Sedex. We have approved ETI norms (Ethical Trading Initiative) of Ann Taylor, Polo Ralph Lauren, H&M etc. We believe that only a healthy work environment can accomplish outstanding work.


Creative Impex is not only an export business that has successfully grown over the past years, but is rather the manifestation of strong connections, it is the story of a family that has grown personally and professionally and managed to maintain balance.

Vijay Agarwal’s journey started in 1974 with a tailoring unit, comprising only 25 machines and the dream of building a successful business. His philosophy – Take always care of your customers, and your employees. The Creative Group grew quickly from one plant of 25 machines to over 15 plants with over 4000 machines in (garments alone).

Shiv Agarwal moved from Bombay to Delhi in 1989 to start his own design and high fashion garment export house and to follow his interest in art and design. He started with one unit of 300 m/c. Today Creative Impex has over four units and approx. 1000 m/c. The company designs and manufactures for some of the world’s best brands and retailers.

Sidharth Agarwal has completed his undergraduate studies at Bentley University, and is currently pursuing his post graduate studies (part-time) at ISB Hyderabad. He has a keen interest in Operations and Marketing and is overlooking the growth of Creative’s North operations, aiming to grow and expand the business.

Creative Impex has its own modern production facilities in the industrial area of New Delhi where it offers end-to-end fashion supply chain solutions from product design and development, raw material sourcing, product management and quality control, to in-country logistics and global freight management. The core strength lies in its design development: The company gives brands the opportunity to develop complete collections and lines based on a creative brief and in close cooperation with an experienced design team. Additionally, Creative Impex develops twice a year (spring/summer, autumn/winter) its own collections with over 250 designs which give brands and buyers an overview of the company’s abilities and the possibility to buy ready-made pieces.


Spring / Summer 2017


All our production facilities are technically and socially compliant


A collection of some of our clients



Where the magic happens


Sr. Industrial Engineer

  • Monitoring of production process. Review production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows.
  • Optimise efficiency and minimise costs. Develop management control systems to make financial planning and cost analysis more efficient, and enact quality control procedures.
  • Mediation between suppliers, clients and staff. Work with customers and management to develop standards for design and production. Confer with clients about product specifications, vendors about purchases, management personnel about manufacturing capabilities.

Import / Export Accounts Manager

  • Manages the import/export process. Ensures compliance with Indian and foreign government laws and regulations. Oversees the completion of paperwork and monetary transactions associated with international distribution.
  • Monitoring of the shipments. Ensure the compliance of regulations, search for possibilities to reduce taxes. Good knowledge of international trade and taxations.
  • Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of imports and exports. Assessment of new marketing and sales opportunities.
  • Good understanding of sales and marketing strategies. Well-developed communicational skills and a customer orientation. Knowledge about budget management.

Trim Accessories Purchase Manager

  • Sourcing of trims, accessories, packaging etc.
  • Communication with factories, merchandising/marketing/PPC teams.
  • Purchase. Responsible for planning, coordinating with PPC/Merchandising teams and setting deadlines for material deliveries/receipts.
  • Identification of right vendors. Negotiate prices and placement of orders with respective vendors. Monitoring stock levels at factories to ensure uninterrupted supply of required materials.
  • Payment follow-up. Interaction with factory and job work locations for delivery confirmation and issuance. Timely processing of suppliers bills.


Creative Impex

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